Alizin For Dogs, How Does It Work?

Alizin(r) provides a secure and effective medication for mismating, which can cause an abortion for dogs. It contains synthesized progesterone antagonists that block the signals that otherwise facilitate ova implantation and the subsequent preservation of pregnancy, and it doesn’t affect future fertility or gestational cycles.

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  • Simple, fast termination of the pregnancy.
  • From 0-45 days after mating.
  • Abortion can be achieved typically 3-4 days following treatment; however, it can take ten days.
  • It is important to note that Alizin(r) in the heat of the bitch does not hinder fertile matings after the oestrus is over.


Alizin(r) includes aglepristone:

  • A synthetic antagonist of progesterone.
  • Functions at the levels of the uterine progesterone receptors.
  • Has a three-fold more binding affinity relative to the naturally produced progesterone. Once it is bound to these receptors, aglepristone stifles the signals that normally enable ova to implant successfully and the subsequent preservation of pregnancy.

Aglepristone is a substitute for progesterone.

  • In the early stages of pregnancies, Alizin(r) prevents implantation by reducing endometrial change and altering the secretions of the uterus.
  • In the last stages of pregnancy Alizin(r) hinders progesterone in keeping gestation going and causes absolute termination that results in the removal of fetuses.
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alizin being injected


  • 0.33 ml Alizin(r)/kg/day (10 mg aglepristone/kg/day).
  • Do two doses within 24 hours of each other by subcutaneous injection aseptically.
  • Doses exceeding 5 milliliters should be split and administered at different locations.

After the injection, lightly massage the site of injection. Check the bitch every 7-10 days following the second injection (at least 21 days post-mating) to confirm that the abortion is not occurring. In the rare instances of failure, it’s possible to repeat the procedure when the time is less than 45 days.



  1. Early pregnancy termination: serous discharge.
  2. Mid-pregnancy termination:
  • Expulsion of the fetus within seven days after the first injection.
  • Brownish vulval discharge for several days.
  • A mild depression, transitory anorexia, and mammary gland congestion can be observed.

3.Late pregnancy termination Signs of parturition and the expulsion of fetuses.

Alizin for dogs is SAFE TO USE

  • There is no increase in the incidence of uterine infections.
  • Return to oestrus following the termination of pregnancy could be reduced up to 1.5-3 months.
  • The future fertility and gestation are expected to be regular.

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Alizin for dogs Dosage regimens that are recommended

Two doses of Alizin(r) at a time, separated by 24 hours. The time between doses is vitally important.


It is crucial to have your dog checked by a vet every seven to ten days following treatment to confirm that it was efficient.

Important- alizin for dogs

Alizin(r) does not work as a contraceptive. Do not allow your dog to mate between treatments or when re-treatment is needed.

In the aftermath of treatment, symptoms may occur.

After treatment, a slight discharge from the vulval can be observed early in the pregnancy. Dogs treated later in pregnancy might exhibit the appearance of a brownish vulval discharge or release some substance. Sometimes, animals treated may appear depressed or stop eating for a brief period (1-2 days), and mammary tissue could be swelling.

The effects on the next season of fertility

The treatment of dogs with Alizin(r) might return to the season faster than previously thought, up to 45 days after treatment. Alizin(r) does not affect fertility or future pregnancy and has been proven not to affect the number of uterine infections.

Rates of success

  • Premature pregnancy (<21 days after mating) greater than 99% successful.
  • 21 to 45 days around 95% effectiveness.

Alizin for dogs -Adverse reaction

The incidence of adverse reactions is very low. The unexpected signs can be a long or unusual lasting discharge or general symptoms like a persistent decrease in appetite or energy. A veterinarian should examine these cases.

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Conclusion- alizin for dogs

Alizin® is registered for use in dogs following mismating and is the safest and most effective drug treatment for abortion available to veterinarians.

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