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OVERVIEW – How to Stop Dog Nipping When Excited

Why do friendly puppies bite people? They do it, too, because they are excited to play, get attention, and to teethe. The good news is that this is a puppy behavior that almost everyone will naturally outgrow.

Resort to punishment/correction that could harm your relationship in the future. It is also important to teach your pup how delicate human skin is. So let him do a trial and give him a response (say “Yippee!” And avert his attentiveness) if he nips hard.

Anyone who becomes increasingly sensitive to bites will quickly find that people are very sensitive and react accordingly with their teeth.

We are lucky! This is an easy behavior to change because we KNOW what the puppy wants:

  • Play and so.
  • Give him plenty of chew toys available every time he bites.
  • Stay away and ignore him (if he continues biting your heels should use a lasso, time out, or door).

Stay and play. Don’t forget. That, too, will pass !!

Teaching – how to stop a dog nipping.

  1. Tie your puppy back or place her in a space with a gate that you will simply quickly climb over.
  2. Begin fiddling with him. Praise her for being gentle. However, once he nips, says “yippee” (like a puppy would), and quickly walks away.
  3. Wait one minute. Come again and provides him another try. Apply in 2-3 minute sessions with every family member taking a turn.
  4. The tie-back technique additionally works well for different attention-obtaining behaviors comparable to jumping up, barking, and humping.


  1. Every time, have a toy in your hand to play with your puppy so he can make a correct choice.
  2. Exercise your doggy to take away extra energy (1 hour a day).
  3. Give rest to your dog (12 hours a day)
  4. Have enough teething chew toys (frozen wet rags and raw bone marrow).
  5. Do not leave children and dogs unattended. Teach children not to run and scream when puppies bite but to walk away calmly or stop moving.
  6. Use a tie-back (only underneath supervision), gate, or time-out space often as a management tool if the above isn’t working. 
  7. Bitter spray on covering will facilitate ease nipping at clothing and shoes.


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