What is NePoPo Dog Training| Is it good for your dog?

Have you ever heard of NePoPo dog training? No, not the brand of dog food but the new technology that helps you train your pet. NePoPo® is a trademarked name of Michael and Bart Bellon and a training system created by Michael and Bart Bellon.

The process is relatively simple and involves using a special collar to create electrical impulses in your dog’s brain. The NePoPo is a family-friendly, dog training system that allows you to teach your pet tricks and train them to do new things. Trained pooches will become more affectionate, obedient, and even more playful. The application of positive reinforcement will ensure that your dog is always happy and well-behaved.

What is NePoPo dog training?

what is NePoPo Dog Training?
what is NePoPo Dog Training?

NePoPo® is a Training language that makes the correspondence among you and your canine more productive and charming. Nepopo combines the utilization of clicker training and an e-collar, the name comes from “Negative-Positive-Positive” as it combines Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement, frequently utilized simultaneously.

A low-level electrical drive is given (negative support additionally at times called avoidance) until the canine reacts to the signal, after which the NR is removed and the dog gets an award (encouraging feedback).

It was created and licensed by Bart Bellon and is especially famous in training K9s and security canines, where an amazingly significant degree of dependability in the canine’s conduct is required, and they are working with exceptionally high drive canines, that can generally effectively endure the utilization of negative improvements and are profoundly reward-driven too.

The advantage also of an e-collar is its capacity to work over the distance which is another explanation it is famous in working varieties where they are frequently performing away from the closeness to the controller.

Benefits of using NePoPo Dog Training

There are many benefits of using NePoPo dog training for your dog. Some of the benefits include:

• It can help to improve your dog’s obedience and behavior.
• It can help to reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress levels.
• It can help to improve your dog’s socialization skills.
• It can help you train your dog more effectively.
• You can use it to teach your dog new commands.
• It is an interactive way to train your dog which can work over the distance.

Is it good for your dog?

It’s significant, however, to see how much these kinds of training strategies depend on a coach knowing how much correction to use, the ideal opportunity to use it when to phase it out, and so on to not have adverse impacts.

All the science lets us know that you are MUCH bound to have to backfire practices from the utilization of aversives that you will from rewards, so they ought to only be utilized in the presence of experts or with close oversight by one.

There are certainly exceptionally experienced mentors that discussion about the trouble of weaning canines off of an e-restraint, which the actual idea of how regrettable support functions is MUCH harder to do than weaning a canine off remunerations (where randomized timetables of reinforcement will INCREASE the canines execution, not so the situation with NR). See the conversation about it here on the Working Dog gathering explicitly on this very subject:

Nepopo – Page 3 – Working Dog Forum

The NePoPo® School engages to teach its students and followers to exclusively use animal friendly training collars and to use them in an appropriate manner.

Does NePoPo dog training really works?

It’s a dubious training framework that depends generally on shocking canines out of undesirable conduct.

Yes, it does work on some dogs. Be that as it may, canines are exceptionally clever creatures who know when a shock choker is on their neck. They’ll return to the undesirable conduct not long after you abandon the shock collar.

Assuming you need a fair assessment: with canines, if it’s fast and easy, it generally doesn’t last long. Better take the customary award strategy to authorize needed conduct and utilize the chain shake + show toy to distract the canine away from undesirable actions.

There’s not a single decent explanation to accept transient electric shock is the answer in managing such a savvy creature.

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